Engineering/Architectural Services

Security Logistics Intelligence Construction Engineering Company is a company that provide Security Engineering for Engineering/Architectural Services. SLICE has over 20 years delivered innovative technology and collaborating with some of the finest talent in the engineering field. The systems engineering role includes architecture development, CONOPS development, trade studies, requirements analysis and allocation to hardware/software configuration items, and integration validation and verification. System Security Engineer (SSE) in most cases addresses embedded cyber security and COMSEC on communication systems. The SSE will ensure the team understands system security requirements, provide design guidance to secure the systems, document the security design, and coordinate with customer and security organizations. We have over 10 years of engineering experience with 8 years of experience in embedded cyber security and/or COMSEC on communication systems. SLICE has over 18 years’ experience analyzing government security requirements (i.e., IASRD, TSRD, RMF, Program Protection Plans, etc.) and deriving requirements for a compliant communication system. SLICE has an additional 20 years of Air Force Intelligence experience where we dissecting operations of aircrafts, missiles, radars and other sensors for aircraft, spacecraft and ships. We are subject matter expert of the UNIFIED FACILITIES CRITERIA (JFC) DoD Security Engineering Facilities Planning Manual, a criterion that deals with the assets to be protected, the threats to those assets, the levels to which those assets are to be protected against those threats, and any design constraints imposed by facility users. Our principals provide investigating and evaluating of advanced technologies and their applicability to help satisfy operational capability gaps; providing assessment and guidance to the development of IT architecture improvements, analytics, processing, and communications capabilities; transitioning commercial, laboratory, and university developed advanced technologies into INSCOM, Army, DoD or other operational baselines; advising and assisting Government PMs in management of sponsored technology initiatives; with years’ experience in management of R&D or Applied Engineering programs/projects.  Our team investigates, recommends and applies emerging IT and network technologies; plan and integrate system transition strategies ensuring system supportability within existing large and complex system facilities and infrastructure; analysis of architectures and devices, to include wireless devices, used to transfer voice, data, and imagery. Individual will provide planning, design, and operational support for system communication and network management tools to include integration within existing architectures.

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Project Support

SLICE Engineering monitors and manages security programs and provides status reports and recommendations for decisions. We assist, collaborate, and coordinate with other Security Program offices and divisions to develop deep solutions, and convey to internal and external customers the level of technical expertise concerning System Engineering, Architecture, Analysis, and Integration; Program Support and Planning; Security Engineering and IA Management; Software Verification Testing and Validation; Administrative, Personnel Security and Information Technology Support; and Configuration and Software Management.

Prepare cost analyses for security projects

Our senior personnel monitor security and engineering applications through the review and analysis of appropriate metrics and maintains required records.  They provide guidance as required in implementing security requirements and Manage project milestones.  We are subject matter expertise in developing life cycle plans relevant to SMS support issues.  Update and maintain appropriate records (e.g. database and hardcopy) of security actions.  Conduct inspections and performs assistance visits, as required.  Liaise with members of the DOD, the IC and other officials as required to keep abreast of current policies. Risk management As intelligence analysts, SLICE fully recognizes the critical mission of all our CUSTOMER in providing near-real-time intelligence to support intelligence and combat operations. A failure to accomplish this critical mission could have catastrophic consequences to the government intelligence support that enables the supported units to possess the latest technology insertions and the training required to accomplish their objectives. We have had a close working relationship with CUSTOMER for many years and continue to support the agencies critical technology infrastructure, decision makers and combatant commanders. We conduct surveys and render impact statements or recommendations that leads to the preparation and deliver of briefings to internal and external customers based on a changing global situation.   We have performed hundreds risk management framework assessments and provide security oversight and technical direction on AIS systems, networks, and media.  We have conducted NIST 800-37 and 800.53 audits and inventories.

Security Engineering Expertise

Our services include engineering planning and review including site surveys, design, procurement and acquisition, and design review functions.  SLICE applies the 30 years of security, intelligence, counterintelligence, and engineering experience in supporting security concepts, principles and practices to analyze and resolve difficult and complex security issues. We provide recommendations and guidance for new facilities and those to be renovated. Our security engineering professional analyze complex government and commercial security issues and provide cost-effective recommendations that meet policy requirements. To accomplish our security engineering functions, we perform and conduct site security surveys, including compliance of technology equipment supporting SCIFs and collateral areas (e.g., access control, intrusion detection systems, locks, etc.). Our personnel provide guidance on implementing security requirements.  We trouble shoot and track software and hardware issues and take corrective issues before system malfunctions.  There is no better company in providing system capability and skills for programing and implementation of the badging, CCTV, alarm, etc.) to ensure operational readiness of facility and classified functions in overseas locations. Other systems engineering support including hardware and software design, cross domain designs, red/black separations, identification management,  and development in support of physical security applications, data applications, and data backup and recovery through analysis, planning, execution, operations, and maintenance; enhancement of information systems security programs, policies, procedures, and tools.

Perform systems operation and failure analysis.

Integrate physical security data applications in order to meet the security and operational needs of an organization as well as formulating and implementing new programs and developing new theories, concepts, principles, standards and methods.  Our SME provides system-engineering support in the area of physical security system applications to include Access Control System, Intrusion Detection, Visitor Management System, Closed Circuit Television/ Video Monitoring System, Intelligence Community Badging System, Perimeter Intrusion Detection System, and Intercom system.  We have served as a system engineer in planning, designing, and implementing IT systems to meet the operational security requirements of customer organizations.

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