SLICE principal is a Senior Principals System Security Engineer with over 30 years experiences in the USAF as an Intelligence/Security and a Subject Matter Expert for major defense contractors such as CSC, Boeing, Raytheon, SAIC, Northrup Grumman, and retired as a Chief Information Security Officer for an Executive Office of President Agency.

SLICE Security and Intelligence Operations provides information assurance, security, and intelligence and counterintelligence services to protect technologies, facilities, information and people from threats and the compromise of classified information. We are organized into four major functional areas:

  • Security and Program Protection. Provides integrated operational security to deployed and emerging weapon systems around the world and protection to technologies, facilities, information and people.
  • Special Programs. Provides Special Access Program support for security management, administration, and oversight of activities.
  • Intelligence/Counterintelligence. Identifies requirements and manages relationships for all aspects of intelligence support to ensure that intelligence products and services are substantively current, complete, and responsive. Manages Counterintelligence analysis and production activity.
  • Cybersecurity Information Assurance. Protect digital information and managing risk that included functional systems (ex. electrical grid, transportation infrastructure, any devices connected to the Internet of Things, or IoT) with tool and strategies to include everything from user education, high-tech systems, firewalls, anti-virus technology to penetration testing and bug bounty initiatives from threats emanate from cyberspace; computer-to-computer communications. Provides an independent assessment of information assurance.

Support for Security and Intelligence Operations is divided into four principal functional areas:

Area 1, Security and Program Protection: International Security; Organizational Security; Special Security; Information Safeguards; Program Protection; and Special Access Programs

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  • Supported International Security Activities.
  • Supported reviews of requests for exceptions and National Disclosure Policy Committee actions.
  • Supported reviews to assess technology transfer and disclosure criteria; review proposed disclosure and/or release of information to foreign entities.
  • Supported the development of technology assessment/control plans, foreign disclosure guidelines, technology transfer policies, and delegation of disclosure authorization letters.
  • Supported reviews and coordinate actions related to Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.
  • Supported Organizational Security.
  • Assisted in the development, execution, and maintenance of an anti-terrorism/force protection program and provide anti-terrorism training.
  • Supported the coordination of the Operations Security (OPSEC) program.
  • Assisted in the development, implementation, and maintenance of the Continuity of Operations, emergency management programs, and incident management plans.
  • Maintained the NATO registry and sub-registry account.
  • Planned and executed the security for national and international conferences.
  • Assisted with the planning and security design for facility construction and build-out projects.
  • Supported the management of the Contractor Verification System, which facilitates contractor application requests for the DoD Common Access Card.
  • Supported Special Security.
  • Provided support to operate the sensitive compartmented information facilities.
  • Performed duties as the alternate Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) Control officer.
  • Maintained SCI billet roster and SCI access roster.
  • Provided assistance to SCI-accessed individuals.
  • Supported the conduct of annual self-inspections of sensitive compartmented information facilities.
  • Provided support to prepare and maintain accreditation documentation for SCI facilities and Temporary Secure Work Areas; monitored status of actions affecting accreditation.
  • Provided support for SCI briefings, meetings, and conferences.
  • Assisted with SCI-cleared couriers.
  • Processed individual SCI access nominations.
  • Assisted in coordinating personnel security cases.
  • Supported Information Safeguards.
  • Supported development and coordination of both internal and external security policy and directives.
  • Provided support for managing classification management and declassification programs.
  • Assisted in conducting security classification reviews of classified material.
  • Provided expertise to assist in developing and implementing security classification guides.
  • Assisted in the conduct and documentation of internal security reviews; support the conduct of preliminary inquiries on security incidents, and track incidents and violations.
  • Supported annual security inspections and the development and conduct of information safeguards-related training.
  • Provided security expertise for review of requests for public release of information.
  • Supported Program Protection.
  • Supported efforts in determining the vulnerability of Critical Program Information to the threat.
  • Provided expert advice in identifying and addressing horizontal protection concerns and in determining needed technical surveillance and other countermeasures.
  • Provided dedicated on-site physical security and force protection support to program activities at selected locations.
  • Provided security expertise to support the acquisition system protection program.
  • Supported the development and implementation of test security initiatives to support program flight tests.
  • Planned and conducted site security surveys, encompassing all aspects of protection considerations.
  • Supported The Special Access Program.
  • Support the special access program for sensitive technology integration initiatives.

Area 2, Security Operations

  • Supported Facility Security/Access Control operations.
  • Supported the establishment of a Duty Communications Controller function 24-hours a day, seven days a week, to facilitate internal security radio communications.
  • Provided support for the initial assessment of all emergency situations arising within facilities.
  • Supported Facility Security/Access Control, Security Clearance Administration, Identity Management and Badging.
  • Provided support for access control; monitor and control the facility entry control systems; operate the provided closed circuit television equipment; and review recordings monitoring facility entrances against data recorded as required.
  • Provided support for security clearance verification, process visits requests.
  • Provided support for creating and issuing building passes/badges for personnel in selected locations.
  • Supported the development and implementation a courier card system.
  • Support Foreign Visit Administration.
  • Provided support for processing foreign visit authorization requests support visit authorization confirmation.
  • Assisted in coordinating with the Counterintelligence Division and International Security Branch on matters requiring clarification of foreign visits.
  • Supported facility Physical Security and Force Protection.
  • Support Facility Inspections. Supported and conducted of facility security inspections consisting of random exterior facility inspections, perimeter door inspections, and continuous interior roving patrols. Performed after-hour security inspections within facility spaces.
  • Performed lock and key control duties; ensured key control and accountability.
  • Assisted in implementing force protection condition policies and procedures.
  • Supported Standard Practice Procedures Implementation and Training
  • Supported the Development and implementation of Standard Practice Procedures for the provision of security services, e.g., badge and identification procedures, visitor control procedures, intrusion detection system operations, and others as specified.
  • Supported the development, implementation, and maintaining of a training program, to include developing course plans.
  • Supported Control of Electronic Media and Classified Materials.
  • Assisted in maintaining a listing of incoming and outgoing records of receipt and dispatch for both classified and unclassified computer storage media and perform virus checks on all incoming media.
  • Assisted in receiving, handling, and storing classified material. Assist in receiving packages and messages from couriers, notifying proper staff member/section, and securing, as appropriate for pickup.
  • Supported Conferences, Meetings, Test and Special Events.
  • Provided support for conferences, meeting, tests, special events, to include site surveys, planning, developing and maintaining an attendance database and security roster, receiving security clearances, badging, access control, and physical security.
  • Provided armed security at selected sites
  • Provided security force personnel to perform armed security at selected sites IAW, all applicable Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection guidelines and the Standing Rules for the Use of Force.
  • Provided training for all armed security guards in accordance with DoD and Service standards before reporting to the site of assignment. Training will include formal qualification in weapons, including pistols, automatic rifles (e.g., M-16, M-9) and crew-served weapons (e.g., M240/M249 or .50 caliber machine guns).
  • Operate the site integrated security systems, provide static guard posts and roving security patrols of the site, as well as response force for the defense of the site, if required.
  • At overseas locations, provided personnel capable of speaking the Host Nation language at a conversational level.

Area 3, Intelligence and Counterintelligence

  • Provided Intelligence Expertise.
  • Support the development and update of the Daily Intelligence Read Book.
  • Support the development and update of the Threat Assessment and Service System Threat Assessment Reports and provide support for threat information assurance and certification. Provide expertise for asymmetric threat support and threat analysis.
  • Assisted in developing threat watch reports.
  • Assisted in developing threat watch reports.
  • Developed and maintained a threat library.
  • Supported intelligence production requirements.
  • Provided intelligence expertise for technical support services, including responding to staff and program threat data queries; Congressional inquiries; and preparation/presentation of specialized threat papers and briefings.
  • Supported intelligence applications such as the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System.
  • Provided Counterintelligence Expertise.
  • Provided expertise to support counterintelligence investigations, operations, functional services, analyses and collection.
  • Provided Technical Surveillance Countermeasure technical and analytical capability to detect, deter, isolate, and nullify technical surveillance penetrations directed at classified and sensitive unclassified information and technical security hazards within DOE facilities. It also educated employees about the TSCM Program and associated technical and physical security risks and vulnerabilities
  • Provided expertise for counterintelligence operations and to facilitate support of DoD: Critical National Assets/Critical Technology program and Counter-Proliferation program; human intelligence program; operational security program; special access programs; information operations program; force protection program; and implementation of defensive counterintelligence activities.

Area 4, Cybersecurity Information Assurance

  • Provided Information Assurance Expertise.
  • Provide information assurance support, guidance, and assessment of products. Assisted in identifying information assurance issues, developing risk assessments and mitigation procedures, and monitoring implementation.
  • Assisted in developing the information assurance concept of operations.
  • Supported security test events to achieve accreditation milestones.
  • Assist in providing consistency in information assurance policy implementation, vulnerability management compliance, and maintaining awareness for the programs. Assist in coordinating and conduct of program information assurance inspections, test, and reviews.
  • Provided information assurance technical support for program reviews and working groups, as required.
  • Provided expertise to support the development of comprehensive information assurance training requirements.
  • Supported the development of an information assurance program plan and roadmap.
  • Supported activities designed to reconcile requirements, inclusive of service-specific regulations and international requirements documents, facilitate compliance, and provide guidance and direction during the design process.
  • Supported efforts to design, document, and disseminate connection management guidance.
  • Support the management of program information assurance managers in accordance with DoD doctrine and provide guidance to program information assurance officers.
  • Assisted in providing consistency in information assurance policy implementation, vulnerability management compliance, and maintaining awareness for the programs. Assist in coordinating and conduct of program information assurance inspections, test, and reviews.
  • Provided technical expertise to review, assess and coordinate manage information assurance related Small Businesses Innovative Research efforts, and any other development of contracting related products.
  • Provided support for international information assurance agreement efforts.
  • Supported Awareness of Cyber Security Threat.
  • Supported definition of cyber threat requirements and coordinate with external agencies; provided information assurance technical support for various cyber-threat working groups; review, assess, tailor, and distribute cyber threat report information.
  • Assisted in developing cyber threat briefings.
  • Provided expertise to support cyber threat vulnerability assessments, communicate risks to programs, and develop cyber threat risk mitigation recommendations.
  • Assisted in the development of a cyber adversary model.
  • Provided expertise to develop and maintain a cyber security website.
  • Supported the review and incorporation of information assurance and computer network requirements into the information technology architecture.
  • Performed cyber system engineering activities.
  • Assisted in ensuring information technology compliance with DoD criteria and directed security changes, upgrades, and milestones.
  • Supported and performed Assessment and Authorization (A&A) activities for government, DoD, and Intelligence Systems in accordance with Risk Management Framework and ICD-503 guidelines.
  • Supported the development/maintenance of system security plans including, security concepts of operation, risk management matrix, security control traceability matrix, security test procedures, plan of action and milestones, and local site policies and procedures.
  • Conducted vulnerability scans, static code scans and dynamic code scans to detect software vulnerabilities.
  • Provide expertise to support protection and defense of data, systems, and networks in the areas of availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality and non-repudiation.
  • Conducted vulnerability assessments to validate system compliance with DISA Security Technical Information Guidelines (STIGS).
  • Assisted with conduct of network vulnerability assessments; analyze results and make recommendation for improvements.
  • Conducted system patching and hardening activities.
  • Provide Information Assurance/Computer Network Defense Expertise in support of the MDA Directorate of Information Management and Technology cyber operations.
  • Supported the development of program information assurance/Computer Network Defense related plans, procedures, and agreements.
  • Assisted with day-to-day computer incident responses.
  • SLICE provides expertise in information assurance, security, intelligence and counterintelligence services to contracts. When task orders are awarded under one or more of these contracts, SLICE delineate specific task instructions and project requirements.

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