Our courier services meet all state and federal regulations pertaining to the safe transportation of biohazards. SLICE complies with OSHA, HIPAA, DOT, TSA, and other regulatory agencies for courier services. We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All couriers are in uniform and carry photo ID. Our courier passed criminal background checks and are subject to drug testing. We offer a money-back guarantee on all of our courier services.

SLICE is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business and our customers include but is not limited to, hospitals, medical and analytical labs, public health depts., dental offices/labs, engineering groups, law practices professional offices and veteran administration medical center in Lexington Kentucky, Seattle Washington, Augusta Georgia, Athens Georgia, Mt. Vernon Washington, Somerset Kentucky, Morehead Kentucky, and Sioux Falls South Dakota.

We provide the consistent pickup and delivery schedules that you expect. We are able to provide nationwide courier services that include dental courier services at a low while maintaining a high level of service and low risk based on our on-demand scheduling and tracking software solution. SLICE has been providing logistics support with military precision for over 40 years. We understand the importance of not only protecting your valuable packages, but trusting that all deliveries will be fulfilled.

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Court Courier

SLICE provides court express document delivery services that include but are not limited to: Complaints, indictments, judgments, final order, cross/counterclaims, settlements, sentencing, documents, briefs, expert witness testimony, motions, opinions, and transcripts.

Our Non-Court Documents pickup and delivery services include: Secretary of State documents, Police reports, articles retrieval, authentication, legalizations, and apostilles. Along with insurance commissions, library copying, bankruptcy, civil, criminal*, liens/judgments, litigation, property, traffic, open records acts, FOIAs, and FOILs.

Dental Courier

SLICE provides daily dental courier services for a large dental lab and practices that provide yearly support to over 490,000 veterans. SLICE delivers abrasives, acrylics, equipment, and waxes and other high demand items to dental labs and items such as prosthetic teeth to dental offices and pick up small dental cases packages from dental offices.

Veterinary Courier

SLICE works with veterinarians to provide customized, same-day solutions for its clients. Often, vaccines are critical to a veterinarian's practice, and a fast delivery is critical to its success. We understand this need, and we have built our network around speed and reliability.

All veterinary deliveries are made point-to-point, ensuring all vaccines and supplies are delivered quickly and as safely as possible. SLICE offers a reliable, cost-effective alternative to in-house veterinary couriers. We can provide dependable, scheduled routes for deliveries that are customized for very specific requirements, including temperature-controlled climates. Our service providers receive ongoing training ensuring shipment integrity, biohazard control, and safety with pharmaceuticals/controlled substances.

Hospital/Pharmacy Courier

Our hospital courier services include the pickup and delivery of lab work, specimens, surgical instruments, legal documents, medical equipment, medical records, and more among labs, clinics, hospitals and medical offices daily, on time and secure drop-off. Our Couriers provide same day delivery for eligible prescription and non-prescription drug and medical items orders from pharmacy to hospitals, short or long-term care facilities, patient's home and offices.

Bank Courier

Our bank courier services provide every day pickup and delivery of sensitive documents such as land deeds or stock certificates. We provide courier services for banks who offer various kinds of courier services for retail customers, such as businesses that want daily deposits picked up as a convenience. We offer a specialized courier service for local businesses: daily non-currency (check only) business deposit pickups. We offers same day home delivery for online money orders and cash from banks and other financial institutions worth $100 or more.

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